Links: Economics and Energy


Adam Smith Institute

Cato Institute

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment

Heartland Institute

Institute of Economic Affairs

Institute for Humane Studies

Institute for Justice

Liberty Fund

Mercatus Center


Reason Foundation


AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies

Center for Experimental Economics Education

The Ronald Coase Institute

The Dismal Scientist

David Friedman

Economics of Networks


Hayek Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Salma Hayek vs. Friedrich Hayek Scorecard

David Hume research links

The Information Economy

International Society for New Institutional Economics

Paul Klemperer’s papers on auctions and network industries

Library of Economics and Liberty

Play Prisoner’s Dilemma Online!

Resources for Economists



Alliance for Retail Choice

Bloomberg Energy Prices

Bloomberg Energy News

Cambridge University Electricity Policy Research Group

Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets

COMPETE Coalition

Electricity Journal/Energy Policy/Utilities Policy

Electric Power Research Institute

Energy Central

Energy Information Administration

Energy Online

The Energy Overseer/Arthur O’Donnell


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Galvin Electricity Initiative

GridWise Architecture Council

Harvard Electricity Policy Group

Institute of Public Utilities


International Association for Energy Economics

International Energy Agency

Paul Joskow’s papers

MADRI Weblog

Modern Grid Initiative


National Energy Marketers Association

National Regulatory Research Institute

Oil & Gas Journal

Petroleum News

The Power Marketing Association

Platts Global Energy News

RAND’s Environment and Energy research

Regulatory Assistance Project

Risk Center

Smart Grid Newsletter

University of California Energy Institute

Utility Automation/Electric Light & Power

World Energy Source