Scientific Foundations of Advocacy?

(Warning: this is a rant) OK … the antidote to my hopefulness. I just walked home from the el, which I took to work today because the rain threatened this morning and put me off of bicycling. Greenpeace has a bunch of their summer student employees out and about spreading the word about Mother Earth, … More Scientific Foundations of Advocacy?More Scientific Foundations of Advocacy?


This week is finals week at Northwestern, and that means that I get to read 11 research papers from my Environmental Economics class. Very good brain candy — I always learn something from their presentations, their evidence, and their arguments. If these students are representative of the future of environmental policymakers, I am hopeful. … More Optimism

California, Manipulation, and Learning

I’m not going to get into the California market manipulation fray any further for now, beyond providing links to stories summarizing the issues and commenting on the continuing vituperative rhetoric of politicians in California, without any willingness to acknowledge that the rules of their dysfunctional “market” did not forbid any of these trades. At the … More California, Manipulation, and LearningMore California, Manipulation, and Learning

Iea Demand Estimates

Furthermore, the International Energy Agency announced today that it is revising its oil demand estimates downward for the second half of 2002. They cite the slow economic recovery as the primary reason for the revision. Slower oil demand growth increases the likelihood that prices will remain stable (all other things equal, of course). This pattern … More Iea Demand EstimatesMore Iea Demand Estimates

Oil Market News

Lots of good oil market news today for consumers; a bit less good if energy stocks comprise a substantial share of your investments! A Platts survey of OPEC production shows a huge increase in May, according to a press release on Yahoo Financial News. Iraq coming back online and Venezuela increasing production after the oil … More Oil Market NewsMore Oil Market News