Is Texas the Antidote to California?

Many electricity economists, including me, have argued that Texas is the antidote to California. Although neither state has implemented what I would call deregulation, the Texas model is a far sight more flexible, enforceable, and in touch with economic reality than the dysfunctional policy failure we saw in California. Texas’ electricity “deregulation” is not a … More Is Texas the Antidote to California?

FERC Decision on California?

According to a Dow Jones Business News report on Yahoo Financial News, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is meeting behind closed doors today to discuss how to proceed with enforcement in wholesale electricity markets, in California and elsewhere. Worth watching … … More FERC Decision on California?

Electricity Deregulation and Puhca

This article does a decent job of laying out the issues in something that most people find pretty arcane, but is a crucial debate in electricity deregulation — repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA). Actually, that article does a much better job of articulating the arguments against repeal of PUHCA, … More Electricity Deregulation and Puhca