Yes, I’m a Bit of a Futurist Optimist

Economically viable hydrogen fuel cells are coming. Not quickly, but they are coming. And that expectation of future applications of technological change should be causing the electricity industry to rethink the value propositions it is presenting to its customers, because it’s going to become cheaper and easier for customers to say “we’re outta here”. This … More Yes, I’m a Bit of a Futurist OptimistMore Yes, I’m a Bit of a Futurist Optimist

OPEC’s Unsustainable Collusion

More evidence that the OPEC cartel production ceiling is unsustainable collusion. From May to June, OPEC production increased by almost 100,000 barrels per day. Check out the table at the bottom of the article to see who was able to cheat, and by how much, according to these estimates from Platts. Furthermore, this Reuters story … More OPEC’s Unsustainable CollusionMore OPEC’s Unsustainable Collusion

Fashion Leads the Way

Bravely diving into the breach, what what, Burberry goes ahead with its IPO. Investor confidence wavers today, but consumer confidence in a dynamic business with a well-defined and forward-looking brand and brand evolution persists! They offered at the low end of the estimated capital value of the company, which makes sense in this environment, but … More Fashion Leads the WayMore Fashion Leads the Way

Lindows and Wal-mart Bring Choice to Computer Customers

An interesting story on National Public Radio this morning: Lindows is a new computer operating system that’s being sold with PC’s for under $300. Its main selling point is its “click and run” application that allows users to easily download software. Although Microsoft and computer industry experts don’t think Lindows and Windows are competing for … More Lindows and Wal-mart Bring Choice to Computer CustomersMore Lindows and Wal-mart Bring Choice to Computer Customers

Havin’ a Heat Wave

From the California newspapers, yesterday and today … the LA Times describes the conditions leading to the first Stage 2 alert (when reserves go below 5%); the San Francisco Chronicle attributes the stress, at least in part, to a breakdown in conservation. Today’s LA Times story also points out the lower conservation than last June, … More Havin’ a Heat WaveMore Havin’ a Heat Wave

Heat Wave

I was going to spend some time today writing about the heat wave in the West, and how the California electricity network and “market” are responding to this first big stress in a very long time. Then I read Charles Oliver’s outstanding editorial from yesterday on (link courtesy of Instapundit, thanks Glenn), and now … More Heat WaveMore Heat Wave