Is Demand Responsiveness Coming to California?

Yes, according to a press release and an order instituting rulemaking from the California Energy Commission yesterday. The Energy Commission?s plan is to work in conjunction with the California PUC, which has itself initiated an order instituting rulemaking to craft ?policies to develop demand flexibility as a resource to enhance electric system reliability, reduce power … More Is Demand Responsiveness Coming to California?More Is Demand Responsiveness Coming to California?

Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

This good TechCentralStation article by Duane Freese lays out the economics and the policy dynamics of nuclear fuel reprocessing as an alternative to schlepping it to Yucca Mountain. Very interesting and thought provoking. … More Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Air Conditioning

Last night Brink Lindsey picked up on the 100th anniversary of air conditioning, on which there was an article in Wednesday’s Washington Post. Certainly, as he says, a triumph of “the Baconian project of power over nature.” I hate heat and humidity, and the confluence thereof, so I fully agree, and celebrated yesterday. My only … More Air ConditioningMore Air Conditioning

The Well-beaten Dead Horse in California

Yesterday the General Accounting Office released a report on the causes of the wholesale electricity price increases in California August-October 2000. U.S. Representatives Inslee and DeFazio requested the study, which had two objectives: determining whether or not wholesale sellers actually exercised market power to raise price above marginal cost, and determining if the design of … More The Well-beaten Dead Horse in CaliforniaMore The Well-beaten Dead Horse in California