Outta Here

I’m leaving Saturday morning for Pennsylvania, to teach at a seminar given by the Institute for Humane Studies. Promises to be very good fun, and lots of great brain candy. … More Outta Here

Prescription Drug Prices

Run, don’t walk, to Megan McArdle’s house for a superb analysis of why Canadian prescription drug prices are lower than in the U.S., and the likely consequences for pharmaceutical R&D. I can vouch for the business reality of her argument; when I worked as a tax consultant I had clients that confronted this painful reality. … More Prescription Drug Prices

Cheap at Half the Price

While I’m at it, the same website has a good explanation of cheap at half the price, a phrase I use relatively frequently. … More Cheap at Half the Price

Curate’s Egg

Tonight, on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board show on CNBC, Tunku Varadarajan used the phrase “curate’s egg.” We could tell in context what he meant, but my husband and I were sufficiently curious to check it out afterward. Here’s a translation from British English to ROW English. The essence is “parts of it are … More Curate’s EggMore Curate’s Egg

With the Bad Comes Good

It’s always refreshing to get a little perspective on these accounting and corporate governance issues. Amity Shlaes’ column from Monday does so, with reference to both the history of the Industrial Revolution and Trollope, one of my favorite authors. Given my background in economic history and technological change and diffusion, this really resonated with me. … More With the Bad Comes GoodMore With the Bad Comes Good