Spontaneous Order Distributed Networks In Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is currently in an incredible state of flux — financial concerns, business model issues, and regulatory treatment are all affecting the industry at once, in this uncertain investment climate. This fascinating InfoWorld article makes a crucially important point about technological change and the future of the telecommunications industry: Keeping the Internet an … More Spontaneous Order Distributed Networks In TelecommunicationsMore Spontaneous Order Distributed Networks In Telecommunications

Pluralistic Technology Platforms?

This article from Wired News gives a nice, concise description of the implications of Covalent’s (open-source Apache server’s) decision to support Microsoft’s .Net technology. This decision will create more choice in the web server market, and also bodes well for the good experimentation consequences of pluralistic technology use and development. However, this NYT article suggests … More Pluralistic Technology Platforms?More Pluralistic Technology Platforms?

Honda Takes The Lead, Quelle Surprise

Honda announced today that they have secured a license from the US and California governments to sell fuel cell vehicles in the US. The article does a nice job of describing the realistic timeframe for the diffusion of fuel cell vehicles, including the pesky issue of the network infrastructure for hydrogen refueling. Is this cool … More Honda Takes The Lead, Quelle SurpriseMore Honda Takes The Lead, Quelle Surprise

This Is Snazzy

According to this press release, the municipal utility in Austin, Texas has installed a natural-gas-fired fuel cell combined heat and power system. Austin Energy installed the 200-kilowatt fuel cell system, which also produces 900,000 BTUs of usable heat per hour, at the Rebekah Baines Johnson Health Center. Electricity produced by the unit is fed into … More This Is SnazzyMore This Is Snazzy