Adam Smith On Education

Yesterday Joanne Jacobs posted a quote from Adam Smith on education and teacher retention. Just to add to what Joanne said: Smith experienced what he considered to be the worst of incentives when he attended Oxford University, where the faculty droned on and on and on, and didn’t seem to care whether the students were … More Adam Smith On EducationMore Adam Smith On Education

Walter Williams On Markets

This column by Walter Williams illustrates a very important point about markets: they are not things, they are not places, they are not individual people. Markets are the interaction of our choices and decisions, based on our private, local knowledge. What we call the market is really a democratic process involving millions, and in … More Walter Williams On MarketsMore Walter Williams On Markets

Carp And Internet Radio

When I am writing, I like to listen to ambient techno music. My favorite source for this music has been, for the past two years or so, SomaFM from San Francisco, on their channel called “Groove Salad.” Like most people, I suspect, I have been meaning to send them a donation for a while, but … More Carp And Internet RadioMore Carp And Internet Radio