Oil Closes Above $30

This Financial Times article recounts today’s close at $30.11, attributing it to war fears. I think it’s more complicated than that, but it’s not worth quibbling. The next OPEC meeting will be quite interesting … … More Oil Closes Above $30

Free Trade

This OpinionJournal editorial lays it out. I especially like: Of course, the idea of opening our market to imports has plenty of enemies–such as steel, textile and agriculture industries. And there is lots of political hay to be made by representing these interests. But the economics are clear: Imports offer American consumers more choice, higher … More Free TradeMore Free Trade

Blood Sugar And Mood

Norah Vincent asks about protein intake and mood. My experience as a recovering carbohydrate fanatic is that increased protein intake has improve my body’s ability to burn fat for fuel, has increased my alertness and productivity, and has had an effect on my mood (although mood has never been a real issue for me). For … More Blood Sugar And MoodMore Blood Sugar And Mood

More On Spam

Common sense and good advice from the reliably sensible Dan Gillmor. … More More On Spam

Back From Week O’smith

Back from a week of Adam Smith, but still exhausted! Today and tomorrow we should be getting petroleum inventory information from API and the DOE, so I may have something to say on that subject. And more on Smith, of course. … More Back From Week O’smith

The Coase Theorem

It’s a mind-boggling insight that has transformed the way that (at least some of us) do economics. Megan McArdle has an outstanding description of the Coase Theorem and how it relates to spam. She points out something that usually gets lost in how people discuss and, gasp!, teach the Coase Theorem — in order to … More The Coase TheoremMore The Coase Theorem