Religious Monopoly Humor

I cannot believe I missed this in January, but according to The Onion, Judge Orders God to Break Up Into Smaller Deities. Apparently God has a monopoly, and the Justice Department brought a lawsuit to remedy this blatantly anti-competitive market. Hah-larious. Thanks to my Northwestern colleague Mark Witte for sending it to me. … More Religious Monopoly Humor

Yep, Right On Schedule

According to Bloomberg News, OPEC may boost its quota by as much as 750,000 barrels per day. Even with all of the Iraq talk, Nymex crude closed at only 58 cents higher than Wednesday, at $28.92. Remind me again why people think that markets are unpredictable … ? Even when folks like OPEC try to … More Yep, Right On ScheduleMore Yep, Right On Schedule

Carpooling And Hov Lanes: Inadequate?

Tech Central Station also ran an article on carpooling by Bob Poole, my colleague and the founder of Reason Foundation. Bob describes the flaws in carpooling, HOV lanes, and how we could improve our commute times by making them toll lanes instead. A very interesting read. … More Carpooling And Hov Lanes: Inadequate?

Sustainable Development And Renewable Energy

My Reason colleague Ron Bailey has an article from Johannesburg on the topic of renewable energy and its treatment at the UN summit. Ron points out that some of the mental energy of the participants is going toward quibbling over their different definitions of “renewable” (i.e., depends on what your definition of the word “renewable” … More Sustainable Development And Renewable EnergyMore Sustainable Development And Renewable Energy

Weather Pixie

Feelin’ whimsical today, so I’ve added a Weather Pixie at the bottom of the page. I’m one of those folks who is fascinated by the weather, and I can watch the Weather Channel ad nauseam (much to the frustration of my husband, although he likes the cool jazz during local on the 8s). More substance … More Weather PixieMore Weather Pixie