Crude Above $30 Again

Crude oil prices have gone above $30 again, according to a Bloomberg Energy News story. Still working with this prevailing uncertainty … it will be interesting to see what happens to prices Monday, after Bush and Blair meet this weekend. … More Crude Above $30 Again

Reason Recommends Expanding The Airport Screening Program

My colleague Bob Poole also wrote a Reason study released yesterday in which he recommends expanding the number of airports allowed to opt out of the fully federalized security model that is already failing. Several members of Congress have supported the study, most notably John Mica of Florida, who is chairman of the House Transportation … More Reason Recommends Expanding The Airport Screening ProgramMore Reason Recommends Expanding The Airport Screening Program

Regulation Creates Opportunities

Through my colleague Bob Poole I learned about Baggage Direct, which will pick up your baggage 12-24 hours before your flight, and deliver it to your destination. As with most things, this is good news and bad news — entrepreneurship and human ingeneuity are thriving, but it will cost us, and that cost is the … More Regulation Creates OpportunitiesMore Regulation Creates Opportunities

Intellectual Property And Media

In Great Questions of Economics, Arnold Kling always asks important questions that plumb the nuance and power of economics. In this post he raises the issue of intellectual property, specifically with reference to media. I think he’s right about our current ugly transition from a mass media era to a distributed media era, and how … More Intellectual Property And MediaMore Intellectual Property And Media

Where’s The Market-based Retail Pricing?

Has it been a week? Boy, have I had my head in my work! Except for last weekend, when I had my head in my knitting, trying to finish a sweater to take on vacation next week. I am working on a book chapter on retail electric pricing for an edited volume on electricity restructuring. … More Where’s The Market-based Retail Pricing?More Where’s The Market-based Retail Pricing?