How Cool Is This?

Canadian scientists have found huge deposits of natural gas deep in Pacific ice. These gas hydrates have the potential to increase our energy supplies dramatically. This article suggests something that’s crucial to our continuing economic growth, and will also lead to environmental benefits — technological change in identifying, finding, and extracting energy from sources that … More How Cool Is This?More How Cool Is This?

Oil Price Update

As I expected, the mounting arguments and persuasion efforts toward attacking Iraq have kept oil prices high, both in New York and in London. This CBS Marketwatch article and this Bloomberg News article summarize the oil market’s movements. Prices are high and hovering, waiting to hear how different countries respond to President Bush’s UN speech … More Oil Price UpdateMore Oil Price Update

Tradeable Carbon Credits

And, in another good TCS article today, Marlo Lewis analyzes the effects of several CO2 reduction initiatives. Marlo focuses on the February 2002 Bush administration policy announcement of transferable credits for voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. You report it, you get to trade it. Interesting idea, sounds sensible and market-based, but … Marlo eloquently … More Tradeable Carbon CreditsMore Tradeable Carbon Credits

Packets And Thingies

And this article by Arnold Kling is the first of a two-part series looking at the economics and architecture of what I think of as electronic infrastructure. His comments on the economics of Packets are interesting, and I think he’s right that we’ll see packet delivery priced at different levels for different volumes. Yahoo! is … More Packets And ThingiesMore Packets And Thingies

The Celtic Tiger

Tech Central Station has a lot of good content today, including this article by Ben Powell on Ireland’s economic growth. Punch line: Ireland’s successful formula for development for the past 15 years has been a reliance on market forces, lowered taxes, reduced trade barriers and reduced regulatory burdens. This simple, market-driven focus has created opportunities … More The Celtic TigerMore The Celtic Tiger

Madonna And Modern Feminism

Andrew Sullivan’s comments on an interview with Madonna and Guy Ritchie are simply fabulous. The interview itself is a fascinating window into a modern relationship, but Andrew’s analysis is incredibly insightful. … More Madonna And Modern Feminism

There’s Nothing Wrong With Capitalism

Many, many thanks to Juan Non-Volokh for posting a link to the lyrics to my favorite Oingo Boingo song. Imagine a slightly edgy, but also synth 80s, beat. I continue to believe that Danny Elfman is a genius. … More There’s Nothing Wrong With Capitalism