Bravo For Andrew Cassel!

In a Philadelphia Inquirer column yesterday, Andrew Cassel said it beautifully: The real shame of Enron isn’t that its top executives got filthy rich off of crooked deals and phony accounting. It’s that the company took a good idea and poisoned it. The good idea is competition, specifically competition in the production and delivery of … More Bravo For Andrew Cassel!More Bravo For Andrew Cassel!

Reason’s Interview With Steven Pinker

I’ve been reading Steven Pinker lately, and his new book The Blank Slate has just arrived. In The Blank Slate Pinker takes on three “myths”: the blank slate, the noble savage, and the ghost in the machine. I think the implications of his research, and his writing for laypeople, are profound for economics and the … More Reason’s Interview With Steven PinkerMore Reason’s Interview With Steven Pinker

Experimental Economics As an Electricity Policy Tool

Experimental Economics and Retail Electricity Deregulation: Demonstrating the Benefits of Choice Regulatory change in electricity moves slowly, in part because of human dislike of change and aversion to risk. Convincing people that regulatory change is worth undertaking would be a lot simpler if we could demonstrate the possible outcomes of a change, and thereby that … More Experimental Economics As an Electricity Policy Tool