Emergent Order And The Internet

Here is a nifty Economist article on how the Internet is scale-free, and has evolved into an order that is less random than you might think. These traits have implications for many things, including how you address viruses. It’s a great example of decentralized, emergent, spontaneous order, and it does have order as one of … More Emergent Order And The InternetMore Emergent Order And The Internet

More On Experimental Economics

David Warsh has written this superb column on experimental economic’s development, and Vernon Smith’s role in that development. He tells the story very well, illustrating the experimental diaspora from the vibrant group of scholars at Purdue in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Warsh also mentions one of those scholars, Jonathan Hughes, who was a … More More On Experimental EconomicsMore More On Experimental Economics