A Book Recommendation

My dissertation advisor and long-time friend, Joel Mokyr, has written a new book that will be published in December. Titled Gifts of Athena: Historical Origins of the Knowledge Economy, it is an historical analysis of the relationship between economic growth and access to information on technological change and new ideas more broadly construed. From the … More A Book RecommendationMore A Book Recommendation

Catching Up On My Reading

Okay, I’m way behind in many things because so much is happening in electricity. In catching up on my reading I found some great comments by Will Wilkinson, whom I had the good fortune of meeting recently. Note especially his posts on Steven Pinker’s new book and why he is a Whig. In fact, my … More Catching Up On My ReadingMore Catching Up On My Reading

Economic History And The Rate Of Change

Brad DeLong has an article in the November issue of Wired that puts our rates of technological change in historical perspective. An excerpt: Past industrial revolutions steel, for example, or the coming of mass production to the automobile had seen explosions of technology that drove the prices of key commodities (train rails, the … More Economic History And The Rate Of ChangeMore Economic History And The Rate Of Change