Technology And The Law

Orin Kerr had a really good post yesterday on the Volokh Conspiracy about technology and law. Here’s an excerpt: In contrast, I argue, the latest technologies are constantly in flux, and the social meaning of different technologies and their regulation can vary considerably over the years (and with some technologies, over a matter of months). … More Technology And The LawMore Technology And The Law

Misconceptions On Venezuela And Oil Markets

Okay, I’m breaking my self-imposed moratorium on Venezuela strike commentary to disabuse folks of some of the misconceptions that have been swirling around in the media commentary over the past few days, typified by Paul Krugman’s superficial assessment of US oil policy in his 27 December column. Krugman focuses only on a sideswipe comment about … More Misconceptions On Venezuela And Oil MarketsMore Misconceptions On Venezuela And Oil Markets

Happpy Holidays

Happy holidays to one and all. I’m off to my in-laws in Maryland. … More Happpy Holidays

Bye, Joe

RIP, JOE: Joe Strummer, lead singer of the Clash and one of the most formative musicians in my adolescence, has died of a heart attack at age 50. … More Bye, Joe

Fuel Cell Vehicles

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, Toyota and Honda have released pilot hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the US market. As reported in this LA Times article from 3 December (registration required), both companies will participate in leasing and research programs with universities and local governments: The automaker is leasing each vehicle … More Fuel Cell VehiclesMore Fuel Cell Vehicles

Federal Privatization And Air Traffic Control

Traveling by air this holiday season? Then you are likely to encounter off-duty air traffic controllers leafleting about the proposed federal competitive sourcing initiative, under which federal agencies will be responsible for putting some of their functions and jobs up to competitive bid. Problem is, the ATC workers and the FAA have their facts wrong … More Federal Privatization And Air Traffic ControlMore Federal Privatization And Air Traffic Control

Back And Jet Lagged

But what fun we had! Museums and sites and sights and food and wine and shopping … on such a tromp that I did not have even a free waking moment to check my email. Now I wade back into the electricity policy … … More Back And Jet Lagged

Father-daughter “Roadtrip”!

I am at the airport, where my dad and I are awaiting a flight to Paris. He’s never been, and has wanted to go for a very long time, so I used his recent birthday-that-factors-into-the-prime-numbers 5,3,2 and 2 as an excuse for a trip! Updates as events warrant. … More Father-daughter “Roadtrip”!

FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power Design

FERC Judge Finds for California Refunds, But Recognizes State?s Role in Creating Market Power On Thursday 12 November, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission administrative law judge Bruce Birchman proposed refunds that electricity suppliers should offer in redress of allegedly excessive wholesale power prices in 2000 and 2001. This decision should resolve some of the regulatory uncertainty … More FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power DesignMore FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power Design

Access To Water In California

Reason’s Director of Natural Resource Policy, Michael DeAlessi, has been following the impending water crisis in California, and has written this commentary in the San Diego Union Tribune. Background: water property rights in the West follow the “first in time, first in use” rights structure, which is very different from the riparian rights (your water … More Access To Water In CaliforniaMore Access To Water In California