So The Oil Workers Went Along With It

I didn’t have an expectation one way or the other about whether or not the Venezuelan oil workers would go along with the general strike this week, but it’s day two and they are largely on strike, according to this Bloomberg news article. I jumped the gun in April, declaring Chavez a goner, so I’m … More So The Oil Workers Went Along With ItMore So The Oil Workers Went Along With It

Oil, Patriotism, And Terrorism

What a fascinating juxtaposition of articles on oil and politics today. In the National Review online, Doug Bandow writes about the political aspects of the US-Saudi relationship and the oil supply. Bandow points out some of the most important economic aspects of technological change, economic dynamism in the oil industry, and a chillier relationship with … More Oil, Patriotism, And TerrorismMore Oil, Patriotism, And Terrorism