OPEC’s Meeting Tomorrow

Just to illustrate how complex oil markets are, especially when you consider the strategic interaction of the OPEC members, look at what’s going on right now, as summarized in Bloomberg Energy News article. There’s so much cheating on quotas, to the tune of about 10% of OPEC’s entire supply, that Saudi Arabia is trying to … More OPEC’s Meeting TomorrowMore OPEC’s Meeting Tomorrow

My Goal Is A State Of Eudemonia

I subscribe to the wonderful A Word A Day list operated by Anu Gang. It’s a superb little treat for anyone who loves language and etymology. Monday’s word was eudemonia (yoo-di-MO-nee-uh) noun, also eudaemonia 1. A state of happiness and well-being. 2. In Aristotelian philosophy, happiness in a life of activity governed by reason. [From … More My Goal Is A State Of EudemoniaMore My Goal Is A State Of Eudemonia