Father-daughter “Roadtrip”!

I am at the airport, where my dad and I are awaiting a flight to Paris. He’s never been, and has wanted to go for a very long time, so I used his recent birthday-that-factors-into-the-prime-numbers 5,3,2 and 2 as an excuse for a trip! Updates as events warrant. … More Father-daughter “Roadtrip”!

FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power Design

FERC Judge Finds for California Refunds, But Recognizes State?s Role in Creating Market Power On Thursday 12 November, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission administrative law judge Bruce Birchman proposed refunds that electricity suppliers should offer in redress of allegedly excessive wholesale power prices in 2000 and 2001. This decision should resolve some of the regulatory uncertainty … More FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power DesignMore FERC Refunds And CA’s Market Power Design

Access To Water In California

Reason’s Director of Natural Resource Policy, Michael DeAlessi, has been following the impending water crisis in California, and has written this commentary in the San Diego Union Tribune. Background: water property rights in the West follow the “first in time, first in use” rights structure, which is very different from the riparian rights (your water … More Access To Water In CaliforniaMore Access To Water In California