Post Office Privatization?

Yet another panel to review the US Post Office, yet another promise to introduce some much-needed privatization. According to this CBS Marketwatch article, In drawing up the new commission’s marching orders, the Bush administration is demanding reform that stops short of total privatization. But it can’t favor subsidies, either, said Peter Fisher, undersecretary of Treasury … More Post Office Privatization?More Post Office Privatization?

OPEC’s Meeting Tomorrow

Just to illustrate how complex oil markets are, especially when you consider the strategic interaction of the OPEC members, look at what’s going on right now, as summarized in Bloomberg Energy News article. There’s so much cheating on quotas, to the tune of about 10% of OPEC’s entire supply, that Saudi Arabia is trying to … More OPEC’s Meeting TomorrowMore OPEC’s Meeting Tomorrow

My Goal Is A State Of Eudemonia

I subscribe to the wonderful A Word A Day list operated by Anu Gang. It’s a superb little treat for anyone who loves language and etymology. Monday’s word was eudemonia (yoo-di-MO-nee-uh) noun, also eudaemonia 1. A state of happiness and well-being. 2. In Aristotelian philosophy, happiness in a life of activity governed by reason. [From … More My Goal Is A State Of EudemoniaMore My Goal Is A State Of Eudemonia

Experiments Are “Elegant Methods”

In presenting the medal to Vernon Smith, the presenter said that the “elegant methods you have developed are invaluable components in the empirical toolbox” and mentioned that now, 40 years hence, experiments are routinely performed in specialized laboratories around the world to improve our economic insights. Very cool. … More Experiments Are “Elegant Methods”

Nobel Ceremony Live Online

So I’ve got the Nobel Ceremony on in the background while I grade papers (I’m dying to see Vernon Smith in full formal wear!). The presentations are themselves quite grand, but I am really enjoying the musical interludes. Right now it’s Bach’s first Brandenburg Concerto. Lovely. Now it’s on to literature. UPDATE: Now it’s Bartok’s … More Nobel Ceremony Live OnlineMore Nobel Ceremony Live Online

The Nobel Ceremony

WATCH THE NOBEL CEREMONY LIVE ONLINE: Tuesday, 10 December, 10:30 AM eastern time, watch the Nobel ceremony live online. … More The Nobel Ceremony

Pernicious Price Controls

It’s from June, but this is a great Thomas Sowell article about price controls and all of their pernicious effects. Price controls rear their ugly heads in energy industries often, and as the California and the more recent Ontario experiences indicate, they are no help in the face of a supply shortage because they totally … More Pernicious Price ControlsMore Pernicious Price Controls

Reason Magazine’s New Blog

Check out our magazine’s new weblog for great and incisive commentary! … More Reason Magazine’s New Blog

Origins Of “The Dismal Science”

Eugene Volokh has a post today on this article by David Levy and Sandra Peart on the orgins of the phrase and its applications to economics. I’ve always (or at this point it just feels like always!) known that Thomas Carlyle was the origin of the phrase, but until I saw David Levy present this … More Origins Of “The Dismal Science”More Origins Of “The Dismal Science”

Yay For Daniel Yergin!

He is a thoughtful, clear thinker and a wonderful writer, as is apparent in this Washington Post commentary on whether or not our intentions in Iraq are entirely based on getting more oil. Yergin is very eloquently making a point that I think is key — Iraq’s oil industry needs capital investment, its development will … More Yay For Daniel Yergin!More Yay For Daniel Yergin!