Jonathan Rauch on Fuel Cells

While I’m making reading recommendations, let me belatedly recommend this Reason Online article by Jonathan Rauch on fuel cells. He’s a fantastic writer (this article is very much in the same tone as his outstanding April 2002 Atlantic Monthly article on computer-generated artificial societies as a tool to understand migration and the demise of Anasazi … More Jonathan Rauch on Fuel Cells

Bayesian Filtering And Dynamic Processes

This spectacular article by Arnold Kling in Tech Central Station today analyzes the roles that content intermediaries play, and how those roles evolve over time and with technology. He succinctly captures the dynamics of the situation with the concept of Bayesian filtering, and he also points out (accurately, I think) that one particularly valuable role … More Bayesian Filtering And Dynamic ProcessesMore Bayesian Filtering And Dynamic Processes

Chicago, City Of The Century

I am generally not an overly sentimental or romantic person, but when it comes to my adopted hometown (I’m from Pittsburgh originally, so yes, I was depressed Saturday night) I tend to wax lyrical and poetic. For me Chicago symbolizes much of what is important, valuable, and beautiful about human creativity and the human spirit … More Chicago, City Of The CenturyMore Chicago, City Of The Century

OPEC Raises Production Quotas

As expected, yesterday OPEC members chose to raise their production by 1.5 million barrels/day. … More OPEC Raises Production Quotas

Electricity Competition In Illinois, Finally?

Illinois nominally opened its electricity generation to competition for all consumers as of May 2002. Have we seen much entry? Heard much consumer education? Seen any advertising from competitors? No. It’s been staggeringly disappointing. But that may change soon. Peoples Energy, our less-than-impressive natural gas former monopoly utility, has contracted with Hess Microgen to provide … More Electricity Competition In Illinois, Finally?More Electricity Competition In Illinois, Finally?

Growth, California Style

Read Megan McArdle’s post on Gray Davis’ suggestions for federal economic policy. The comments are also particularly illuminating, including the one that points out that California’s budget deficit is larger than the combined deficit of all of the rest of the states. The comments also have a discussion of the extent of Enron’s culpability in … More Growth, California StyleMore Growth, California Style