More Analysis And Drama In The Never-ending California Electricity Crisis

This article from Tuesday’s Orange County Register summarizes where we are in trying to get beyond the electricity policy failures in California. The article cites the $8.9 billion in refunds that California policymakers think they are owed, a number I discussed in reference to FERC Judge Birchman’s estimate of refunds in this post. Also today, this analysis by Christopher Weare at the Public Policy Institute of California of the causes and consequences of the electricity crisis was released. This Bloomberg News story summarizes the study, which I will analyze in more detail once I’ve had the chance to read all 121 pages. From my cursory examination it appears to be a balanced approach.

This Orange County Register editorial from 3 January also mentions some drama in Governor Davis’ demotion of PUC chairman Loretta Lynch, who has presided over the regulatory agency during the fiasco. In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, the editorial also quotes me about the importance of realizing that the California experience is not representative, and that states such as Texas and Pennsylvania have restructured their electricity regulation in ways that have delivered real benefits to customers.