More On Fuel Cell Research Subsidies

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal today on the proposed fuel cell subsidies (subscription required) cuts right to the heart of the matter: But politics aside, this is bad public policy. Hydrogen fuel cells are an encouraging field of research. So encouraging, in fact, that the finest minds in the private sector — auto … More More On Fuel Cell Research SubsidiesMore More On Fuel Cell Research Subsidies

Institutions, Not Mandates

Reason Public Policy Institute has published an article by Pierre Desrochers, of the Montreal Economic Institute, examining how creating institutions, rather than mandates, will increase sustainable reuse of industrial by-products.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Subsidies

In Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, President Bush proposed increasing federal subsidies to hydrogen fuel cell research. His administration had made similar recommendations in its national energy policy proposal in May 2001, to supplement the existing energy technology research subsidies. Such technology subsidies, particularly to get renewable energy technologies to the point where they … More Hydrogen Fuel Cell Subsidies

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

After Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, everyone’s in a tizzy about the prospects for increased funding of hydrogen fuel cell research for vehicles. See, for example, this Financial Times article discussing the increase in price in platinum markets yesterday. Platinum is currently the best catalyst for making hydrogen fuel, which is also one reason … More Hydrogen Fuel CellsMore Hydrogen Fuel Cells