Language Police

Picking up on a theme from Eugene Volokh, I too am a language pedant in many ways. My biggest pet peeve is those who fail to recognize the distinction between restrictive and unrestrictive clauses, and therefore use “which” when they should use “that”. The British usage of “which” particularly gets under my skin. Again yesterday … More Language PoliceMore Language Police

Betsy’s Page

Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for linking to Betsy’s Page, which in addition to being full of insightful commentary has a fantastic color scheme! Including my favorite shades of green. … More Betsy’s Page

Tradeoffs Among Bad Alternatives

Yesterday the crawl on Fox News said that new intelligence indicates that if military action occurs against Iraq, Saddam Hussein would ignite Iraqi oil fields. Some take this as evidence of Saddam’s irrationality or spitefulness. Perhaps it is. But it could also be another example of the tradeoffs among bad alternatives that we have seen … More Tradeoffs Among Bad AlternativesMore Tradeoffs Among Bad Alternatives

Cat Antics

My husband and I have an 8-year old tabby cat named Coco, after the pioneering French fashion designer Coco Chanel. At the time we adopted her from the shelter, she was one year old, lean, lithe, elegant, and beautiful. Thus the name. Of course, she was lean because she had kennel cold, and as soon … More Cat AnticsMore Cat Antics