High Gas Prices Induce Conservation

Ya wanna increase fuel economy and reduce our dependence on oil? Let high gasoline prices do their work. From an article in the Press Enterprise (registration required), an inland Southern California newspaper:

Amid soaring gas prices nationwide, Californians are paying the most to fill up their vehicles, causing many people to cut back on recreational activities and some to complain of price gouging.

Albert Ontiveros, 27, a bank teller in downtown Los Angeles, said he’s cut back on evening activities.

“I’ve stopped visiting friends after work. I’m trying not to drive anywhere now, just trying to drive the 15 miles to work and back,” said Ontiveros, who lives in suburban Downey.

Ontiveros said he recently began saving to trade in his Ford F150 pickup truck for a more fuel-efficient car [emphasis added].

Don’t throw government subsidy money at technologies that won’t mature soon enough to make a difference. Let people like Albert Ontiveros exercise their consumer sovereignty, vote with their dollars, and learn from that market process how much people really do value fuel efficiency.