California’s Energy Refunds

Yesterday the state of California filed 3,000 pages with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to substantiate their claims for larger refunds from energy companies that provided power in the state during the electricity crisis in 2000-2001. The documents have been filed to support a claim for $7.5 billion in refunds, much more than the $1.8 … More California’s Energy RefundsMore California’s Energy Refunds

Cafe Standards

Megan McArdle has a good post on CAFE standards and their perverse incentives. See also Virginia Postrel’s NYT column on CAFE standards that I referred to earlier.

New Reason Study On Toll Lanes

One of the main culprits in gasoline consumption and mobile-source emissions in urban areas is traffic congestion. A new Reason study provides practical suggestions for turning HOV lanes into toll lanes. From the press release: An accident or traffic jam is going to cause you to miss your flight or your child’s soccer game; Would … More New Reason Study On Toll LanesMore New Reason Study On Toll Lanes