And Then There’s Those Pesky Oil Prices

Crude oil prices are the highest they’ve been in 12 years, and the Iraq situation is only one reason, as I’ve been saying for months and as this Business Week Online article points out. High oil prices and their translation into high gasoline prices have produced their usual response from Midwest politicians — a request … More And Then There’s Those Pesky Oil PricesMore And Then There’s Those Pesky Oil Prices

Us/eu Joint Hydrogen Research

The U.S. and the E.U. will cooperate in joint hydrogen research, according to this New York Times article (registration required) and this Associated Press article. And on the emissions front, if you take into account emissions of carbon dioxide, an MIT study finds that hybrid engines pollute less than hydrogen engines. The study indicates that … More Us/eu Joint Hydrogen Research

More Hydrogen Vehicle Analysis

This outstanding and thorough Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) provides a great overview of the issues involved in hydrogen vehicle research and commercialization. The article focuses particularly on the chicken-and-egg problem of the simultaneous evolution of a technology (the engine) and a complementary technology (the fueling infrastructure): Larry Burns, GM’s top technology guru, says … More More Hydrogen Vehicle AnalysisMore More Hydrogen Vehicle Analysis