Hot Lanes Have “Amazing Promise”

According to Washington Post writer Neal Peirce, Reason’s HOT lanes proposals are very good ideas that will use technology and market incentives (read: prices) to reduce congestion, time spent driving, and fuel use in the 21st century. … More Hot Lanes Have “Amazing Promise”

Why Do People Name Their Cars?

In a conversation with Will Wilkinson about naming his car Bucephalus, we got into a discussion in a group of folks about what motivates people to name their cars. New Scientist has provided an answer: Men who are fanatical about cars identify vehicles using the same brain circuitry used to recognise faces, new research shows

Oil, Oil, Oil

Here’s a summary article from Sunday’s New York Times on the uncertainty in the oil industry and its effects. See also this Kevin Hassett article on Tech Central Station from Friday on the economic consequences of high oil prices. And for some insight into the conflicting incentives of Persian Gulf OPEC members regarding Iraq (i.e., … More Oil, Oil, Oil