More Articles On Post-saddam Oil In Iraq

This Business Week article, this Oil & Gas Journal article, and this Economist article (subscription required) elaborate on the post-Saddam oil industry and how to proceed with its liberalization. … More More Articles On Post-saddam Oil In Iraq

Commentary On Ferc Staff Report

On March 26 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued its staff report on price manipulation in western wholesale markets. The report, and the likely FERC actions to arise from it, accomplishes some goals that will reduce regulatory uncertainty and improve the investment prospects in this industry, in the rest of the country if not in … More Commentary On Ferc Staff ReportMore Commentary On Ferc Staff Report

Guest Post On Hydrogen

I received an informative and interesting email (actually, I received several, but I’m posting this one) in response to my Let the Hydrogen Economy Evolve series on The author, a mechanical engineer and retired university professor, highlights some of the engineering practicalities that I did not emphasize in my writing. His remarks: The “Hydrogen … More Guest Post On HydrogenMore Guest Post On Hydrogen