OMG, I absolutely love this!! Capitalist Chicks is a refreshing, fun website. Their statement in their about section is eloquent and powerful:

We believe that Capitalism is the only moral and practical economic system. Only Capitalism offers individuals the opportunity to create, produce and exchange freely with others. It is the only system that recognizes individualism and protects the freedom of independent minds. Capitalism bans the use of force in economic relationships and leaves people free to make transactions based solely on their own judgments and decisions. We have progressed by leaps and bounds under Capitalism. From longer life spans and better hygiene to increased food production and instant communication, Capitalism has enabled great minds to produce great things.

We have seen more women blazing into the business arena within the past twenty years. In a Capitalistic society where all minds are free to create and produce, women have been trail blazing in fields that were once male dominated. We are doctors, lawyers, astronauts, engineers, athletes, CEO’s, and even geeks and gamers. Capitalist Chicks: we are the productive women of the up and coming generation. Capitalist Pigs make way, we may take over the farm!!!