More On California Electricity Regulation

This Dan Walters column from today’s Sacramento Bee puts the current debates over electricity regulation in the context of the 1996 debate. Very good read. … More More On California Electricity Regulation

Clearing The Air

Run, don’t walk, to the Reason website and read this wonderful article by Joel Schwartz on air quality in the US from Regulation magazine, a superb quarterly published by the Cato Institute. In noting the disconnect between actual air quality improvement and the general perception of poor air quality, Joel observes that This disconnect between … More Clearing The AirMore Clearing The Air

A New Declaration Of Independence

I am indebted to Glenn Reynolds for linking to this Ed Cone column on the foundations of liberty. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt articulation of a vision of civil society that is very compelling, and in great part is what gets me out of bed in the morning. As we celebrate the freedoms already won, letís … More A New Declaration Of IndependenceMore A New Declaration Of Independence

Re-regulation Bill In California Rejected

On Wednesday I mentioned the committee rejection of California AB 428, which I claim reflected a continued control and manage mindset in California regarding electriicty markets. Today we hear that the re-regulation bill, SB 888, failed to pass a Senate utility committee vote: “I don’t want to repeat what happened in ’96 when a lot … More Re-regulation Bill In California RejectedMore Re-regulation Bill In California Rejected

Natural Gas Policy Update

Natural gas is back on the DC policy radar screen this week, according to this article from OIl & Gas Journal. In Senate testimony Thursday, the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association advocated removal of restrictions on domestic natural gas exploration. On the other hand, this LA Times editorial advocates conservation and removing barriers to importation … More Natural Gas Policy UpdateMore Natural Gas Policy Update