Vive Le Dirigisme!

I love the header in this Economist (subscription) article on the proposed French government subsidy of Alstom: The French, it seems, have no word for laissez-faire. Beautiful! … More Vive Le Dirigisme!

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A Natural Gas Update: Barnich And Reid

On Monday Tech Central Station ran a good article by Terry Barnich, a fellow Chicagoan and also a former utility regulator. Barnich is in a good position to analyze the current natural gas situation and make recommendations: State utility regulators, working cooperatively with electric power producers can accelerate the displacement of older, less efficient power … More A Natural Gas Update: Barnich And ReidMore A Natural Gas Update: Barnich And Reid

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Number Portability, Finally?

According to this Business Week article, we are getting national cellphone number portability in November. The article predicts price cuts and a marketing frenzy in December. The number portability progression is an interesting case study in the formation and definition of new property, and new property rights. Back in the bad old Ma Bell black … More Number Portability, Finally?More Number Portability, Finally?