Rauch On Spam

Jonathan Rauch has a typically good column on spam and ways to deal with it. He recommends what I think is the best approach: that we have property rights in our email inbox! The spam problem, though new in form, is an instance of a very old and familiar dilemma, which economists often call the … More Rauch On SpamMore Rauch On Spam

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OK, for those of you who use aggregators, here’s the address of my RSS feed: http://knowledgeproblem.blogspot.com/rss/knowledgeproblem.xmlMore Link to Rss Feed

Working On A New Paper: Environmental Regulation And

I’ve also been working to get a paper out for the International Society for New Institutional Economics conference in September. This paper is the first in a new project on how the petroleum refining industry responds to regulatory change, so this paper essentially lays out the conceptual argument and marks out the path that I … More Working On A New Paper: Environmental Regulation AndMore Working On A New Paper: Environmental Regulation And

Where Have I Been?

This is not an existential question, but rather an opening to discuss my recent sporadic posting. I spent the weekend at a Liberty Fund conference on constitutionalism directed by my good friend Georg Vanberg. It was a real treat to think about and discuss issues of constitutionalism with some of the most esteemed political scientists … More Where Have I Been?More Where Have I Been?