Radley Balko And I Are Both Listenin’ …

To the same stuff, according to this post on the contemplative music he’s listening to. Specifically, we overlap on Tom Waits (early and late for me, I like his “rough and ragged” recent voice), the Verve (I have always been a fan of British music, this is what happens when you come of age in the mid-80s), and Miles Davis.

Actually, though, lately it’s been lots and lots of Coldplay and Kurt Elling. I’m a voice weenie — and all of these guys (except Miles, obviously) have arresting, rich, smooth voices. I’ve always been a voice weenie; I love the Smiths for, among other reasons, Morrisey’s voice, Echo and the Bunnymen for Ian McCulloch’s voice and the cello, and James for Tim Booth’s versatile and haunting voice. James also likes to mess with sound the way Kurt Elling does, and being from Manchester will of course make them near and dear to my heart.

Sorry, just had to get that off the chest.