A Recipe For The Perfect Chicago Summer Day

Morning: the cat sticks her wet little nose into your eye socket to wake you up. Husband makes tea, french toast and turkey bacon while you work on some electricity blackout writing. Weather: high of 78F, low humidity, not even a wispy cloud in the sky. 11:30-2:30: kayak in the 3-4 foot waves on Lake … More A Recipe For The Perfect Chicago Summer DayMore A Recipe For The Perfect Chicago Summer Day

Electricity Content Coming Tomorrow

I’ll have more analysis and commentary on electricity policy tomorrow, after I’ve rested and digested the weekend’s news. Please come back then (or set your aggregator to my RSS feed)! … More Electricity Content Coming Tomorrow

Inaugurating A New Laptop

This post is the first from my brandy-new Macintosh Powerbook G4 12″ laptop. It’s utterly zippy — stylish, small, screamin’ fast, plays my Pride & Prejudice DVD and all of my tunes from my IPod beautifully. And I am grateful to my husband, whose technical virtuosity makes it possible for me to live in a … More Inaugurating A New LaptopMore Inaugurating A New Laptop