A Recipe For The Perfect Chicago Summer Day

Morning: the cat sticks her wet little nose into your eye socket to wake you up. Husband makes tea, french toast and turkey bacon while you work on some electricity blackout writing.

Weather: high of 78F, low humidity, not even a wispy cloud in the sky.

11:30-2:30: kayak in the 3-4 foot waves on Lake Michigan with some of your favorite people on the planet.

3:30-4:30: walk from home out to Lake Michigan past Wrigley Field, where the game is in progress and you can hear Ozzy Osbourne singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” from two blocks away (unfortunately, Cubs lose 3-0 to LA). Watch what looks like a countably infinite number of boats on Lake Michigan enjoying the lovely water. Watch the Air Force Thunderbirds tear through the sky and perform wonderful maneuvers, often whizzing overhead so low that your chest cavity shakes and you jump up and down like a three-year-old.

5:30: husband makes you Tanqueray 10 martini to enjoy while you do some light reading and relaxing.

7:00: dinner on the deck, enjoying the sunset.

Life is good.