Information Is Power

This Chicago Tribune article provides an example of how technology and intelligent monitoring can empower customers to use less energy, just by being informed about your actual consumption, which is a capability that the standard watt meter does not possess. … More Information Is Power

More On Energy Bill Obstacles

Here are a couple more articles on the obstacles facing a national energy policy: this New York Times article on how the nation’s governors have difficulty speaking with a unified voice on energy matters, and this New York Times article on the difficulties Congress faces in separating out an electricity bill from the large omnibus … More More On Energy Bill ObstaclesMore More On Energy Bill Obstacles

Only Connect

The blackout last Thursday has produced some hyperbolic hysteria about the perils and vulnerability that come with being so interconnected. But decentralized interconnection is also a source of stability and growth, both physically and economically. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, a physicist and author of Linked FINISH, had an oped in Saturday’s New York Times about the pros … More Only ConnectMore Only Connect