How ’bout Those Cubs?

With five games to go in the season, the Cubs are in first place in the NL Central. Who’d a thunk it? Back in June, when we didn’t fall prey to our usual “June swoon”, people started saying things like “if we can just stay in the running until September, then we have an easier … More How ’bout Those Cubs?More How ’bout Those Cubs?

Adam Smith Institute Blog

For economics commentary from a British perspective, check out the new Adam Smith Institute blog (with thanks to William Sjostrom for the pointer). … More Adam Smith Institute Blog

Chicago Fed Letter: Natural Gas

Rick Mattoon of the Chicago Fed and I are the author’s of the Chicago Fed Letter, October issue, and the topic is natural gas policy and implications for the Upper Midwest region. Regular readers of TKP and Tech Central Station are familar with my analyses of natural gas policy, and this letter reiterates some of … More Chicago Fed Letter: Natural GasMore Chicago Fed Letter: Natural Gas