Cubs Clinch!

I spent the weekend at a beach house in Michigan with my husband and six close friends, one of whom is a die-hard Cubs fan. She couldn’t even listen to the second game in the same room with the rest of us on Saturday, but instead sat outside and watched the lake. Thankfully we had a bottle of cheapie champagne in the house that had been intended for mimosas on Sunday morning, so we could celebrate appropriately by hootin’ and hollerin’ and watching the live coverage on TV and drinking champagne.

And thanks to Stephen Karlson, for this Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article highlighting the clinch, and the role that the Brewers played in ensuring it by beating Houston twice. We Chicagoans are truly grateful, and don’t mind showing it:

Don’t discount the costumed Italian sausage (really) parading on Waveland Ave., who carried a sign that said, “Brewers do their part to help Cubs.”

Heck, even Andrew Sullivan’s beau is in a trance over it (although the appropriate trance time would have been Saturday evening).

And how awesome is Dusty Baker? Boy, did he look like he was having a good time in yesterday’s game, with the pressure off.

When the Cubs were in the playoffs in 1989 I lived in Evanston, not as close to Wrigley as I do now, so it will be interesting to see how nutso things get around here …

Now let’s beat those Braves and work toward that Cubs-Red Sox World Series!