Didn’t get tickets … grrr. Oh well. But I wish there were some way that those of us who live in the neighborhood could have gotten first dibs. … More Blast!

Senator Daschle And Ethanol

This Blogcritics post from Monday raises some very important points about the political dynamics behind the ethanol mandate that is included in both the House and Senate versions of the energy bill. The ethanol mandate makes little environmental or economic sense, unless of course you are a corn farmer. I’ll have more to say on … More Senator Daschle And EthanolMore Senator Daschle And Ethanol

Cubs Tickets

Am waiting in the virtual waiting room for playoff tickets … … More Cubs Tickets

Neuroeconomics, An Article And A Blog

Neuroeconomics is a growing field, and is starting to get some attention outside of academia. See, for example, this Financial Times article from Tuesday on neuroeconomics research. They start by discussing trust games, and why researchers want to dig more deeply into some of the results that have come from laboratory experiments. Prof [Vernon] Smith … More Neuroeconomics, An Article And A BlogMore Neuroeconomics, An Article And A Blog