Cubs Are Goin’ Fishin’

How exciting is this? Notwithstanding Eric Zorn’s cranky bile saying that we should chill, the Cubs winning the NLDS is wonderful. This article gives some indication of how exhilirating the win is for fans old and young. Eric’s wrong because this is the first time since 1945 that we have won a playoff series. The fact that the divisional seres did not exist until 1995 is irrelevant, and his invocation of that fact is pedantic in the extreme. What a buzz-kill he can be; who needs it?

We watched the game with friends who live due west of Wrigley, on the main drag, and the line of honkin’, hootin’ and hollerin’ traffic headed there to celebrate was very long, and showed no signs of abating as we walked home with TV helicopters holding overhead. The party went on for hours!

Now I hope that we beat the Marlins, that the Red Sox advance and beat the Yankees (sorry Megan), and then we see whether Babe Ruth’s curse or the goat’s curse is stronger.