Marginal Revolution

Tyler Cowen has been making some very interesting posts over at Marginal Revolution (Alex Tabarrok has too, but I’m not going to say anything about them here, now!). I particularly thank and curse him for the reference to this normblog greatest jazz albums poll (although with RIAA Radar, I am loathe to buy many of … More Marginal RevolutionMore Marginal Revolution

Analyses Of Proposed Energy Plans For California

I have been pretty busy this week, with travel and teaching and writing (and agnozing over the Cubs). Some additional analysis of Governor-elect Schwarzenegger’s energy plan for California, following up on this post from last Wednesday, are Ken Silverstein’s Utilipoint Issue Alert from Tuesday, and this LA Times story from Monday. UPDATE: And here’s a … More Analyses Of Proposed Energy Plans For CaliforniaMore Analyses Of Proposed Energy Plans For California

How Fragile It Is

Boy, it’s sure quiet around here today after last night’s game … I don’t have much to say, other than fans with front row seats in parks with short outfield walls and a team in the NLCS should learn to keep their hands to themselves. I think Tony Pierce summed it up with his title … More How Fragile It IsMore How Fragile It Is