How Fragile It Is

Boy, it’s sure quiet around here today after last night’s game … I don’t have much to say, other than fans with front row seats in parks with short outfield walls and a team in the NLCS should learn to keep their hands to themselves.

I think Tony Pierce summed it up with his title “maybe now you understand” and

i was a man who was about to put his head in a pillow and cry over a baseball game

Like Bonne Marie Burns I was knitting a poncho and trying to not pay too much attention, but once the 8-run half inning from Hell started my stomach knotted, and it was time to switch to MI-5 and indulge in denial by watching that cute Matthew McFayden as the aloof yet sensitive spy (kind of reminds me of the Coldplay song every time I watch it).

My husband couldn’t even be in the room after about the 5th inning.

And we have opera tix tonight, so we’ll have to check the score at intermission. Maybe that’s for the best …

OK, all you folks out there, send your positive vibes, positive energy, brainwaves toward the Cubs so we can put this in the history books!