Two More Interesting Economics Bits

1. Public Choice: Politics Without Romance, an article by James Buchanan, the Nobel laureate public choice theorist, in Policy magazine. 2. A very cool post Umair Haque on double moral hazard, risk, and the recording industry. Link courtesy of Carnival of the Capitalists. OK, now I’m going to go nurse my headache of disappointment with … More Two More Interesting Economics BitsMore Two More Interesting Economics Bits

Other Interesting New Bits

I am still feeling molto dolorosa, so have not much to say that sparkles with any wit or originality, but want to point out some good content on rent-seeking, a pet topic of mine for many, many reasons (hey, when you work on a regulated industry, rent seeking is a familiar bedfellow). Sunday’s Carnival of … More Other Interesting New BitsMore Other Interesting New Bits

This And That

Been putting the final touches on some changes around here, as well as starting to grade midterms, and trying in vain to buy a house for the third time in two years. So today is a very unhappy day. Sorry for the ether silence. Please note also the new email address listed here, which is … More This And ThatMore This And That