Welcome To The New Knowledge Problem Site!

I hope you like the changes! New links, new colors, the ability to comment, all are snappy improvements. Welcome! I look forward to good conversations. … More Welcome To The New Knowledge Problem Site!

My Italian Needs Work

I discovered today talking to an Italian friend that in my post the other day describing how upset I was at not getting this house, I said that I was “very painful”. Well … who’da thunk that “dolorosa” meant painful? So to correct my error, I have to say that I have had “una settimana … More My Italian Needs WorkMore My Italian Needs Work

Hayekians, Stiglitzians, And Broadband Policy

On Monday Arnold Kling posted a a comment on a commentary he wrote comparing Hayek and Stiglitz on information. As those of you who have given thought to the name of this site probably realize, this is a topic near and dear to my heart and mind. Even more so, because his commentary involves FCC … More Hayekians, Stiglitzians, And Broadband PolicyMore Hayekians, Stiglitzians, And Broadband Policy

Retail Gas Prices Fall

Retail gasoline prices have been falling for the past month, due both to decreased demand in the post-Labor Day driving world and to increased supply. This AP story summarizes the results of the most recent Lundberg Survey, taken every two weeks throughout the year. … More Retail Gas Prices Fall

Where To Get Rich

The Forbes 400 issue a couple of weeks back had an interesting Richard Karlgaard article entitled “Where To Get Rich”. In it he compares different cities in the US according to their abilities to attract, and keep, smart residents: Best place to make a future FORBES 400 fortune? Start with this proposition: The most valuable … More Where To Get RichMore Where To Get Rich

It’s All Here, I Think

OK, getting the archives all here was a bit more torturous than I expected, but it’s done. New content is next … … More It’s All Here, I Think