On The Road Again…

Leaving today for a conference, back Sunday, intermittent contact likely. … More On The Road Again…

Doe’s Report On The August Blackout

Secretary Abraham’s remarks on the release of the blackout report indicate some failure to meet reliability standards on the part of FirstEnergy, among other things: The Electric System Working Group found that the initial events that led to the cascading blackout occurred in Ohio. The blackout was initiated when three high-voltage transmission lines operated by … More Doe’s Report On The August BlackoutMore Doe’s Report On The August Blackout

New Pff Weblog

By way of an introduction to the new Progress & Freedom Foundation weblog, I would like to point out the observations there from Tom Lenard, a fellow free-market energy economist and fan of dynamism. Tom’s take on the energy bill is not as bleak and depressing as mine, and he is correctly comparing the likely … More New Pff WeblogMore New Pff Weblog

Gao Report On August Blackout

The General Accounting Office report, “2003 Blackout Identifies Crisis and Opportunity for the Electricity Sector”, is now available. I’ll have comments on it as soon as I’ve had a chance to read and digest it. … More Gao Report On August Blackout

More Energy Bill News Articles

Senate May Slow Energy Bill, But Not Stop It. Note that one of the dimensions of Democrat support for the bill is ethanol: A sizable number of Democrats from central states were expected to join Republicans in voting for the bill, however. They cited provisions to double the use of ethanol, distilled from corn, and … More More Energy Bill News ArticlesMore More Energy Bill News Articles

New Study On Ethanol In The Energy Bill

The energy bill that has passed the House and awaits a Senate vote removes the EPA’s fuel oxygenate requirement. Congress should be congratulated for acting on the EPA’s analysis from 1999 showing ethanol and other fuel oxygenate additives do not help clean the air, and their recommendation that oxygenate requirements be eliminated. But choosing to … More New Study On Ethanol In The Energy BillMore New Study On Ethanol In The Energy Bill

Deloitte Road Pricing Study

Well, I was going to link to the Deloitte Consulting study on road pricing that Adrian Moore told me about, but Alex Tabarrok already beat me to it. The study gives a nice overview of the London congestion charge. Electricity is one of the most poorly allocated goods in the world, because of the lack … More Deloitte Road Pricing StudyMore Deloitte Road Pricing Study

How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?

Well, while I was off working and not paying terribly close attention to matters non-electric, Brad DeLong struck on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as many of you know: Jane Austen, and particularly Pride & Prejudice. He even linked to The Republic of Pemberley, a must-read on my daily tromp … More How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?More How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?

Interesting Grid Article

From NY Newsday: Deregulated Power Grid Presents Own Challenges. An interesting read. … More Interesting Grid Article

“Socket To California” At Rppi.org

If you would like a copy of the Wall Street Journal commentary from last week but are not a WSJ subscriber, it’s available online at Reason. … More “Socket To California” At Rppi.org