Mi-5 Season Finale

So it’s been a long time since I’ve gone out of my way to watch a television show (I think the last one was “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”), but I’ve been doing so with MI-5. I like the suspense, I like that it’s British, and I really like Matthew McFayden. As with most things … More Mi-5 Season FinaleMore Mi-5 Season Finale

Exelon Acquires Illinois Power

Exelon, which owns the northern Illinois utility Commonwealth Edison, has announced its acquisition of Illinois Power, a downstate utility that is currently owned by Dynegy. There are lots of interesting potential aspects of this acquisition. First is Exelon’s pressure on the Illinois Commerce Commission to follow an accelerated process of approving the rate increase that … More Exelon Acquires Illinois PowerMore Exelon Acquires Illinois Power

Caspian Pipeline Difficulties

One of the most interesting economic developments since the fall of the Soviet Union is the increasing interest in and ability to extract and sell oil from the Caspian Sea region. In many ways the Caspian is the cradle of the world oil industry, with much European activity in the late 19th century centered on … More Caspian Pipeline DifficultiesMore Caspian Pipeline Difficulties

Customers Brace For Higher Heating Bills

This AP article describes how the anticipation of higher natural gas and heating oil prices this winter has induced more customers than usual to opt for fixed-bill spreading of their winter fuel costs across a year’s bills. Someone should do a study of these moves and tie it to estimates of customer price elasticity of … More Customers Brace For Higher Heating BillsMore Customers Brace For Higher Heating Bills

Carnival Of The Capitalists

The new Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Robert Prather’s site, Insults Unpunished. Lots of interesting content. … More Carnival Of The Capitalists