Carnival Of The Capitalists

is at The Accidental Jedi this week. Go. Read. Good. I am particularly pleased to see David Masten’s Catallarchy post on Bruce Benson’s The Enterprise of Law. A superb book, as is David Friedman’s Law’s Order, which is recommended in the comments on this post. Friedman makes Law’s Order available electronically through his website, so … More Carnival Of The CapitalistsMore Carnival Of The Capitalists

Smith/Kiesling Wsj

Vernon Smith and I have a commentary in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required). Entitled “Socket to Arnold”, our point is that the existing system of average pricing is unfair to off-peak users. Off-peak users subsidize peak energy use, and that’s both inefficient and unfair: But current policy unfairly forces consumers to pay rates based … More Smith/Kiesling WsjMore Smith/Kiesling Wsj