Interesting Grid Article

From NY Newsday: Deregulated Power Grid Presents Own Challenges. An interesting read. … More Interesting Grid Article

“Socket To California” At

If you would like a copy of the Wall Street Journal commentary from last week but are not a WSJ subscriber, it’s available online at Reason. … More “Socket To California” At

Energy Bill Goes To Congress

The conference committee finally pushed through the energy bill on Friday. Here’s a list of stories addressing the merits, or serious lack thereof, in the legislation. Overview of the bill from the Washington Post, reflecting the general conclusion that little will be gained from this very expensive bill. “GOP touts energy bill, but provides few … More Energy Bill Goes To CongressMore Energy Bill Goes To Congress

California Energy Crisis Declared Over

According to this AP story from last Thursday, outgoing California governor Gray Davis has declared the energy crisis over: The recalled governor issued a proclamation Thursday ending the state of emergency he declared on Jan. 17, 2001, as wholesale electricity prices hit record highs and California suffered rolling blackouts. The crisis, which aggravated the state’s … More California Energy Crisis Declared OverMore California Energy Crisis Declared Over

Carnival Of The Capitalists

I am on the back end of a work trip, and am thus unlikely to have much time today for posts. Fortunately, Carnival of the Capitalists is up over at Professor Bainbridge’s place. I was a total flake and spaced sending him my fishing property rights post, but oh well … there’s a lot of … More Carnival Of The CapitalistsMore Carnival Of The Capitalists