Deloitte Road Pricing Study

Well, I was going to link to the Deloitte Consulting study on road pricing that Adrian Moore told me about, but Alex Tabarrok already beat me to it. The study gives a nice overview of the London congestion charge. Electricity is one of the most poorly allocated goods in the world, because of the lack … More Deloitte Road Pricing StudyMore Deloitte Road Pricing Study

How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?

Well, while I was off working and not paying terribly close attention to matters non-electric, Brad DeLong struck on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as many of you know: Jane Austen, and particularly Pride & Prejudice. He even linked to The Republic of Pemberley, a must-read on my daily tromp … More How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?More How Rich Is Mr. Darcy?